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The Green Program  

Objectives of the green program:

  • To provide a healthy and productive learning environment
  • To teach social and environmental awareness to children at a young age
  • To implement an environmental curriculum that can serve as model for other nursery schools

The green curriculum is designed to foster an understanding and appreciation of the natural environment, diversity among people and ecosystems, and responsibility to ourselves, others and the larger world. Particular emphasis is given to the development of conceptual knowledge in the areas of biodiversity, and ecosystem/habitat management and conservation. Our young students engage in supporting activities that include animal care, organic gardening, composting, waste reduction and recycling, observation of wet and dry land habitats, and eco-art.

These areas of study allow young children to make meaningful connections through first-hand experiences.

"Both our boys have flourished at RNSFC. We feel so lucky that our children’s education was launched here. Ittruly gave them both roots and wings." – Jim Bracchitta

Our composting "Green Machine"

“It’s the Green Machine, but its not really a machine. We put things in it and we’re making dirt.” – Oliver

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