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• From the Director  •

Dear Parents,

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our curriculum night.  I know the slide show was a bit long, but, now you see just how busy learning your children are when at school.  I hope the presentation was informative.  Although so much of the research shows that children learn through what comes naturally to them-PLAY-current trends are moving away from this.  At RNSFC, we firmly believe that play is key to learning in preschool to help children develop cognitive, motor and social skills!  Additionally, play helps children to feel comfortable exploring and experimenting, and when they meet success and derive pleasure from their engagement, they tend to repeat and seek comparable experiences.

If you know of families that might gain a better understanding of RNSFC’s developmental and play-based curriculum by viewing our slide show, please tell them to give us a call!

All the best,


Experts call a child's play too serious to be left to adults

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