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Children learn at home, they learn at school, and they learn within their communities. Riverdale Nursery School and Family Center is aware of the importance of these concentric circles in the world of each child and how they learn and progress. These circles begin with each child as the center, widening to include the classroom, the family, all the families at the school, and finally the community of Riverdale. Because of this, there is a large emphasis placed on RNS’s Family Center. There are family events throughout the year to help bring these circles together.

The Family Center at RNSFC offers educational and social opportunities to families attending the School, as well as the larger community. Through programs offered at our Toddler Center, as well as nursery school sponsored seminars, workshops, and support groups, parents have the opportunity to address issues relevant to parenting and family life.

The Community

RNSFC welcomes community participation in many school events and our family support programs. Our extensive ‘Parenting Library’ is open to the public, as well as admission to our after school activities.

The RNSFC Parent Community

Parent involvement in school life is strongly encouraged. Parents participate in our active Parents Group, attend monthly topical coffee hours, share skills and interests in the classroom, join classes on field trips, plan and implement fundraising events, and contribute to several community outreach projects throughout the year.

New Parent Reception & Welcome Gathering

The school year begins with a reception for new parents to get acquainted with the teachers and other new parents. This reception is followed by the welcome gathering for all parents, where they meet their child’s teachers for the year and find out about classroom policies.

Welcome Picnic

Shortly after the start of the year there is a welcome picnic for all RNSFC families. It is a chance for families to get to know one another in an informal setting.

Gift Wrap Sale

Our annual Gift Wrap Fundraiser takes places in the fall. The school receives 20% of the proceeds made from each sale. Make purchases year round using our school code: 14452
Shop online at: www.genevieves.com

Curriculum Night

Through pictures of the children, director Susan Smelin gives a glimpse of school life at RNSFC, and how children learn through play. Parents also meet their child’s teachers to hear about specific skills and concepts appropriate for your child’s age, themes that they have incorporated into the curriculum this year and a look around the room to see examples of the activities that take place.

Family Visiting Day

Shortly after New Years, parents, siblings, and extended family members are invited into their child’s classroom for an hour of play. Children enjoy sharing their nursery school experiences and introducing their friends and teachers to their visitors.

Annual Gala

Annually, the school holds an auction and dinner as a primary fundraising activity. The proceeds are dedicated to the Riverdale Nursery School and Family Center. A portion of the funds will be dedicated to the Scholarship Fund, to make it possible to lend financial support to many families.

End of Year Picnic

The school year closes with our annual end of the year picnic, where children, parents and teachers come together to sing songs, eat lunch, and give hugs and good-byes.

"By providing the supportive guidance to explore through play, RNS has given our two boys a deep love of learning. By creating a structured environment with clear expectations, RNS has allowed them to become self-reliant and responsible. By nurturing a loving community of friends, RNS has taught them to treat others with kindness and respect. We feel our children have been given a foundation that will serve them for the rest of their lives and could not be more grateful to Susan and the creative, joyful and loving staff at RNSFC for truly giving our children 'roots and wings.'"
Shifra Landowne

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