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Fours class visiting “Backstage at the Ballet” at Lincoln Center

Unique to RNSFC is the counseling and preparation for post nursery school placements done by the Director and staff. Ongoing communication is maintained with the Riverdale, Manhattan, Westchester, and New Jersey Independent Schools, schools serving children with special needs and local and specialized public schools.

Each year in the fall, RNSFC hosts a program for school parents called “Life After RNSFC – Navigating the School Maze”. In this program parents learn about the admissions process to both public and private schools from admissions faculty and parents who have made their way through the maze. Hear about options for the next phase of your child’s schooling and about personal experiences from parents who have children attending the schools. Ask questions. . . get answers.

“I have often wished that the school would extend into elementary and beyond, that we have had some of the most wonderful teachers and best experiences, that we have made friends for life, that we have developed a love of school and trust in adults and the outside world that is crucial. Also, my older child was very well-prepared to begin elementary school.” – Nicole Zissu

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