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Toddler Program  

The RNSFC Jumpstart Toddler Program is an innovative early childhood program designed to gently introduce toddlers to the school environment, while maximizing their overall development during this critical stage of Toddlerhood.

Toddlers are accompanied by a significant adult and emphasis is placed on strengthening the adult /child relationship. All sessions are designed to stimulate your child’s natural curiosity and to offer ample time to engage in hands on learning. Curriculum Highlights include:

Art, Music, Movement, Cooking, Animal Care, Organic Gardening, Multi-Sensory Play, Table-Top Toys, Fine Motor Activities, Wood-Working, Blocks, & More!


The RNSFC JumpStart Toddler Program is created and facilitated by experienced and certified educators who are leaders in the field of early childhood education. RNSFC’s developmentally appropriate play-based curriculum is thoughtfully planned to maximize a toddler’s language development, and boost a toddler’s cognitive, physical, and social-emotional capacities.

Unique Program Features:

  • One-to-one intake session, with the Toddler Center Coordinator, to customize developmental goals for each toddler
  • End of semester conference designed to celebrate the toddler’s growth
  • Access to the vibrant RNSFC school community; including evening and weekend social and educational events
  • Professional Guest Speakers
  • Caretaker & Babysitter Training Workshops
  • Priority consideration for admission into future RNSFC programs
  • All classes are planned & facilitated by professional and certified educators


  • Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1 1/2 hours.
  • The Fall session runs from October to December.
  • A three-week mini-session is held in January.
  • The Winter/Spring session begins in February and ends in early June.

A six-week Toddler Summer Program utilizes the beautiful grounds of our school. A variety of activities are offered including water play in sprinklers and wading pools.

Turning 2’s Class

Don’t miss the opportunity to join the Turning 2’s Class. For more information or to register call (718) 884-3950 and speak with Deborah Weitz, the RNSFC Toddler Center Coordinator.

The Toddler Program offers a “Turning 2’s Class” that begins in February of the current school year. Two-year olds currently enrolled in our Toddler Program will be eligible to participate in this innovative program. As the children have acclimated to the school environment, parents/caregivers will be able to leave the children in the care of their teachers. This developmentally appropriate program gently transitions children and parents to their first nursery school experience.

Classes run Tuesdays and, Thursdays beginning in February and continuing through early June. The enrollment process will include an “intake” conference with the Toddler Coordinator to insure that this program is a good match for you and your child.

Caregiver Enrichment

In an effort to respect the needs of our community, enrichment classes for professional caregivers are offered every year, as well as a training course for teens interested in babysitting. Upon request, we have held Saturday classes for working parents, an infant group and a group for one year olds.

"Almost every day now, I hear Théo sing songs from school when he’s playing. To me, that’s a sure sign he is having a happy year in school." – Lambert Gingras

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